New Year’s resolutions and Comfort Zone Shake-Up


New Year’s resolutions and Comfort Zone Shake-Up

I support the idea of expanding our Comfort Zones instead of jumping out of them. I see a parallel between the pitfalls of the New Year’s resolutions and the traditional way we talk about the Comfort Zone.

Shooting for the moon and having unrealistic (and sometimes competing) goals is like jumping outside—and too far—from our Comfort Zones. The idea is fascinating, but the reality is that only 8% of people succeed, and we should do much better.

If we want to be part of the 8% of people who succeed in keeping their New Year’s resolutions—or even more than that, if we want to improve —we should start small and from within ourselves.

We can start with an ordinary New Year’s resolution and change our lives!

New Year’s resolutions can be seen as good practice to shake up our Comfort Zones. For both, we should have more of an organic process of micro-steps and small accomplishments.

This time, in thinking about your New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Start with YOU
  2. Expand your Comfort Zones
  3. Design your WOW (AKA your goals!)

It’s time to shake things up and make a New Year’s resolution plan that sticks. After all, we all want to achieve our goals, our WOW! Don’t we?

Happy New Year!

We are at the end of our journey and I hope you like it!

Check the full article Everything you (probably) already know about New Year’s resolutions to have the complete overview!

Drawings by Melinda Walker – One Squiggly Line Visual Thinking

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