Comfort Zone Shake-Up Wrapped 2019


People often say music is the soundtrack of life. We use it to navigate our day and to narrate it. We use it to heal and use it to grow. Sometimes we use it to try to understand what we’re feeling in the first place. But music doesn’t just color the present; it annotates the past. We hear a song, and we’re suddenly jolted back. – Spotify Rolls Out New ‘Wrapped’ Campaign To Help Users Remember Their Decade Of Music writes Forbes.

Spotify wrapped 2019

Earlier this month, Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, released their annual wrapped project: the opportunity for each Spotify user to get a detailed report of their top songs and activities to celebrate the end of the year.

Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019

Under the promise to relive and discover the artists, music, and podcasts you’ve loved most, Spotify brings you over a year of listening. It provides an overview I like to define as macro as it combines 365 daily (micro) listening sessions. Spotify’s wrapped project is the perfect opportunity to reflect not only on our year in music but also on our year overall.

As this is the last article of the year, I am going to use my Spotify 2019 wrapped to wrap-up a year of something I was fully committed to: my personal project, Comfort Zone Shake-Up; 2019 has been the first yearlong commitment I’ve made to it. This is my way to say thank you to all of you for supporting the project. I hope you enjoyed the journey!

My Spotify and Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019

In 2019, my sound did not change with the season. Yes, indeed, I have been listening to my #1 artist, Queen, all year long; a long-term effect of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie’s release. One song helped me to make it through a challenging year. It is not surprising that this song is also my favorite song on Spotify. I am talking about “Don’t Stop Me Now.” This song has the power to make me go on every time things are getting hard and I am “Under Pressure.” What about you? Do you have a “lift me up” song?

In 2019, my dedication to my personal project did not change with the season either. Of course there have been ups and downs; like in every start-up project, when passion is the leading element, ideas flourish, and there is never enough time. The quality of the content is key, but everybody knows that consistency is also important. Looking back, I can say that overall I was able to improve—but there is a lot of work to do moving forward. Thanks again for being there!

Top artists of my 2019. Beyond Queen, there is also Jovanotti (my favorite Italian singer), Lady Gaga (my favorite female artist), Vasco Rossi (another Italian singer and honestly this is quite surprising), and Bradley Cooper (another long-term effect from the movie A Star is Born).

The top articles of my 2019 have been the ones dedicated to Time Management, The Power of Mindset, The Relationship between Technology and Humanity, Climate Change, and Emotions.

My Spotify wrapped expresses the essence of my personal project when it is comes to being a World Citizen—I’ve listened to artists from 27 countries—and Genre-Fluid.

Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019
Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019

2019 has been the year of podcast. It has been a year in which I systematically welcomed a diverse set of podcast series into my life. Business, science, and education have been my favorite genres. Today marks the release of my first time ever presence as a guest in an episode of my friend Susanne Muller’s podcast series Take It from the Iron Woman !

2019 has been the year of preparation for the Comfort Zone Shake-Up podcast series that I will release soon (stay tuned!).

Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019

A decade wrapped

Despite the fact that I do not have a decade of Spotify data to be wrapped, I still have the opportunity to look over a period of three years. It is enough to observe that my behavior reflects the concept of “expansion,” which is a concept at the core of this project: being focused on expanding our Comfort Zones instead of jumping out of them.

Year over year I was able to expand the time I used Spotify, the time I spent with music, and the time I spent with different podcast guests learning something new or just listening to their stories.

Looking back on a decade is a great opportunity to pause and to reflect on our lives, our achievements, our failures, and our challenges. Looking back on a decade is a great opportunity to realize how resilient we are, and how incredibly lucky we are in being alive.

It’s time to wrap up this 2019. It’s time to wrap-up a decade. It’s also time to look forward to a new decade with curiosity, open-mindedness, positive attitude, creativity, and a growth mindset. We have the power to shake things up, expand our Comfort Zones, and shape our next decade.

Happy New Decade!

Comfort Zone Shake-Up wrapped 2019

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