Challenge #1

Music is a very powerful and very often underestimated tool to work on oneself.

The soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman” conveys charge, energy, and the right dose of positivity.

Let’s use it!

We listen to at least one song every morning before starting the day!

#TheGreatestShowman #Challenge

Challenge #1

Day 1

“This Is Me” is a song empowering those who are ostracized by society for being different. It’s a celebration of individuality. Its message is to be one’s self, without any shame or apology. It speaks of resilience and strength.”

Challenge #1

Day 2

“The Greatest Show” encourages you to discover new aspects of everyday life and to use your imagination. Imagination has the ability to transform something ordinary into something surprising and extraordinary.

Challenge #1

Day 3

This song shows very well the risk to which we are all exposed. The risk of not taking control of our lives. The risk of letting the days flow while we are busy doing we don’t know what exactly. The risk of…

Challenge #1

Day 4

Rewriting the stars is the metaphor used to express a key concept when it comes to personal growth: that of changing one’s destiny. “Rewriting the stars” makes the verse to the expression “what is written in the stars.”

Challenge #1

Day 5

In its lyric you find my invitation and the invitation of Comfort Zone Shake-Up. An invitation to find out what’s on the other side. An invitation to come with me and to discover in the pages of this site what you are perhaps looking for.