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Positive Attitude

It’s time for #TheGreatestShowman #Challenge

I used a film—”The Greatest Showman”—to introduce one of the most important concepts from which to work on ourselves: positive attitude.

Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is the way we look at ourselves and the world around us. Our attitude—positive, negative, and the whole spectrum of nuances in the middle— controls our life, and we can control our attitude. In fact, attitude is not just an innate ability. It can be acquired. This means that each of us has the ability to learn, develop, or simply maintain a positive attitude.

It’s all about training.

Let me introduce the “The Greatest Showman” challenge

Why not try to use “The Greatest Showman” to do some practice? If the article “Positive Attitude” has managed to spark your curiosity, if you’ve watched the film and listened to its powerful soundtrack at least once, you can imagine what I’m talking about.

Did watch it? If not, you can still recover even starting this first challenge! In fact, we let the first challenge of this new site be inspired by “The Greatest Showman.”

#TheGreatestShowman #Challenge

Apart from the very long hashtag, the challenge is quite simple. Let’s look at it together:

1. The idea

Music is a very powerful and very often underestimated tool to work on oneself. The soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman” conveys charge, energy, and the right dose of positivity. Let’s use it. We listen to at least one song every morning before starting the day! That’s right, the challenge is to listen to the song that I will suggest before starting the day. In the shower (maybe humming it), while you’re drinking your coffee, while brushing your teeth—you choose when.

2. The challenge

Three options are waiting for you to choose from. You have the door number one with 1 day, door number two with 3 days, and door number three with 5 days to participate to the challenge. For me, I have already chosen the door number three — and it could not be otherwise — and for five days I will suggest the song to listen to. You have the option of following me for 5 days and doing this together with me!

I will post a video with the song, a reflection on the theme of opera, and I will invite you to do the same. Listen to the song, reflect on it, and if you want, share your impressions—and why not invite others to participate as well!

And of course, remember to use #TheGreatestShowman #Challenge

3. What can you expect

The right gear, an extra gear to start the day! I tried it. I guarantee it. It is extremely difficult to remain indifferent (and if this happens, it’s okay, we do not all have the same taste. There’s always the next challenge!)

4. What you need

The desire to participate, which is in your hands!

I am here. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

And I hope you will not miss out on this challenge.

I wait for you!


Photo credits Nousha Salimi

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