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Let “The Greatest Showman” Inspires You

Acquiring, developing or maintaining a positive attitude is instrumental in the strategy of expanding our Comfort Zone. Sometimes even a movie like “The Greatest Showman”, and the energy of its soundtrack, can help us in the quest. I tried it, and I recommend it.

It was a cold Friday in January. I didn’t know if I wanted to chill out with Netflix in my pajamas or experience the New York City’s nightlife. I realized that my new Movie Pass card just came in and I wanted to do that with my husband. There was only one option: let him chose the movie. He picked “The Greatest Showman”.

He was not that happy – considering it is a musical – I was amazed. A cold Friday night evolved into two hours of pure energy, positive vibes, and a soundtrack that I could not stay away from.

I left with the conviction that “The Greatest Showman” was great for my Comfort Zone Shake-Up.

“The Greatest Showman”

Apparently, I am not the only one in love with the ‘The Greatest Showman’ and its soundtrack.

The P.T. Barnum-inspired movie musical stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Michelle Williams with a soundtrack of 11 original songs. The movie earned more than 400 million dollars worldwide, and the soundtrack sat at the No. 1 spot on the iTunes ‘Top Albums’ chart.

It is a musical, and because of that, it is polarizing. The music is a mash-up of musical theater and pop; the choreography mixes contemporary and classical elements. Whomever knows me well, will understand the immediate emotional bond I felt to the soundtrack. If you don’t know me yet, check out my story.

Don’t let the word musical turn you off. Trust me, you will be amazed.

I am probably the only one using ‘The Greatest Showman” soundtrack to Shake-Up my Comfort Zone.

My point is: I was not able to stay away from the movie and the soundtrack. I don’t know if you ever experienced that – I had the soundtrack on repeat.

Let me tell you why. It was an excuse to remember.

1 – The Beginning: The Circus

My first time at a circus was back in Italy when I was seven years old; it was 1983. It completely changed my life. I still have a vivid memory of Jannet. She was the same age as me from Circus Herasio and attended our third grade for two weeks while the show was in town.

I remember the amazement of knowing a little girl from ‘life on the road’ – a life so different from mine. I remember the first show and the “behind the scenes” charm. It’s the same appeal and magic that I have today for every Le Cirque Du Soleil performance.

And then I think back to my shows – those in pink tights at my “The Greatest Show.” (Yes, that’s what it was called).

Today my show is called Comfort Zone Shake-Up, and the main protagonists are us (all of us), with our peculiarities, our experience, our memory, and our unique “us”. To expand the Comfort Zone, we need a must: the one that starts with the knowledge of ourselves.

Somewhere for me, there is also the memory of the circus, of my spectacles of my own creativity.

2 – My Passion for Marketing and Innovation

For director Michael Gracey, “Barnum was the Steve Jobs or the Jay Z of his time, the original impresario, the original showman.” The musical’s story is one of passion and innovation. It makes me smile reading that “P.T. Barnum is remembered above all for his ability to attract spectators thanks to an intense mural and journalistic advertising.”

How can it not be that feeling when he was a marketing person before the official birth of marketing?

3 – The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude

The whole film – and every single song that accompanies it – transmits just this: positivity.

I speak a lot about positive attitudes when I talk about Comfort Zone; in particular when I refer to the strategy to expand it.

And if the first step is to start from within, the second essential element concerns the aptitude, “an innate or acquired disposition (physical, psychophysical, or psychic) ​​that makes possible or facilitates the performance of particular forms of activity…”

A positive attitude is fundamental for working on ourselves and our Comfort Zone. Our attitudes control our life, and we can control our attitudes.

I repeat, our attitudes control our life, and we can control our attitudes.

If the attitude is an innate or better “acquired” disposition, let us concentrate here: in learning, in developing, in maintaining a positive attitude.

Let us take inspiration from the Greatest Showman. I tried it, and I recommend it. 

So, why do I like this movie so much? Why do I recommend it?

It is because of its Positive Attitude. The movie is a tribute to optimism. Our attitude determines the state of the world we live in and “It Takes a Positive Attitude to Achieve Positive Results”.

Every good strategy to expand our Comfort Zone should start with a Positive Attitude. The ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie and soundtrack can help us create – and keep – a positive attitude.

How do we create a positive attitude using ‘The Greatest Showman’?

Step 1: Watch the Movie to be inspired

Now that the movie is available on-demand there is only one thing you should do: go and watch it! I promise it is worth your time.

Step 2: Listen to the Soundtrack to Find Your Motivation

Add the soundtrack to your Spotify playlist. And if you don’t have Spotify yet, this playlist is worth the investment. Go and sign up today!

I have always believed in the importance and in the possibility within each one of us – in his own way and on his own time – to work on improving ourselves. I experiment a lot on myself, and I like to share it. My experience with The Greatest Showman has touched three heavy strings related to my personal memory, passion, and positive attitude.

I leave you with the wish that you breathe something good – especially something positive – for you too. If you want to share your experience and if you are ready to take action, this next challenge is for you.

The #TheGreatestShowmanChallenge awaits you!

Photo credits – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation | Niko Tavernise
Hugh Jackman in “The Greatest Showman”

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