My Story: The Greatest Show

My Story

My Story: The Greatest Show

(Summers 1982 – 1987)

I spent half a decade’s summers in a very similar way.

For me, summer was a beckoning opportunity to express my creativity. I spent hours creating ballets and writing sketches and stories I would recreate the most famous commercials, tormenting all the other children by trying to make them act in my little theater. I didn’t skip any details – I spent hours creating invitations, programs, and even entrance tickets.

I owned not one, but two little theaters. It was one of the advantages of having divorced parents – I spent part of the week in one house and part of the week in another. That meant two cast and two shows to be staged.

My father had the task of devising and setting up the curtain. His quick thinking turned our simple garage door into a sophisticated theater curtain, complete with a system of pulleys able to keep Grandma’s blankets perfectly stretched and ready to slide at just the right time. My little theaters were a guaranteed success year after year and kept the summers flying by.

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