The “Toolkit for Life”


To live a fulfilled life, we need the proper tools and training.

How my husband’s hiking experience in Iceland inspired the “Toolkit for Life”: a combination of tools and training to thrive in our everyday lives.

My husband had just returned from a tremendous 20-day hiking adventure in Iceland.

The Iceland environment is wild – it is so varied in nature and wildlife. The weather is so unpredictable. Iceland is situated atop one of the earth’s hotspots. It is a country full of incredible geothermal activity – including hot springs, geysers, mud pools, volcanoes, and the occasional earthquake.

So, you really need the right toolkit (aka the best equipment) and an excellent training to thrive and live the experience at its best.

I followed his adventure from the comfort of my 28th floor Manhattan apartment and I had these thoughts:

  1. If, for a 20-day hiking adventure, a discrete investment in terms of equipment and training is required, could you imagine what is needed to thrive in our everyday lives?
  2. Why is it so easy to recognize that hiking requires a specific “toolkit” but so difficult to acknowledge that to live a fulfilled life, we may also need proper tools and training?

Let’s start with the “WHY”

During my husbands journey, I realized that hiking is a wonderful, inspiring – and of all – limited adventure. Our ability to focus our attention toward time-specific goals, activities, or experiences is something we are all familiar with. Some people have lots of smaller goals while some have fewer, bigger goals. Overall, we know how to deal with time-specific “things”.

Life is also a great, inspiring and a limited adventure.

We often fail to recognize just how great, inspiring, and limited life is. We tend to acknowledge it only when we – or someone close to us – face a negative situation. In those moments we start to think, “I should appreciate what I have. Life is short. It is a limited adventure.” But that’s easier said than done, right?

Life is a great, inspiring and limited adventure. But how can we actually practice that belief?

A toolkit for life.

The “Toolkit for Life”

Inspired by my husband’s hiking adventure in Iceland, the “Toolkit for Life” is a combination of tools and training to help you thrive in your everyday life. Each tool has is own training. Each training is designed to help improve an ability.

The Tools

My husband had a long list of gear needed for the hike. Life should have a long list too. Rather than make it overwhelming, though, let’s keep it to short, actionable tools.

There are three key elements we can define in the basic start-up pack. Let’s focus on:

  1. Micro-moments
  2. Mindset
  3. New Lens

This the concept behind the Starter Kit – small steps to help your personal growth and shake up your comfort zone.

The Training

Each tool has is own training. Each training is designed to help improve an ability.

  1. The ability to see and plan micro-moments
  2. The ability to Shake-Up the status quo
  3. The ability to look with eyes wide-open

You have the framework.

Are you ready to build your “Toolkit for Life”?

Each tool and training will have its own article to help you navigate the Toolkit for Life.

Stay tuned!

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