New Year’s resolutions: it’s that time of the year again


It’s that time of the year again

While we have been all busy doing something not necessarily on our resolution list from this year, it’s time to start over again.

I am proudly part of the 40% of the US population who is very happy to invest time, effort, and all my passion into analyzing, thinking, discovering, testing, designing, and pursuing my New Year’s resolution plan. Yes, indeed. I am a New Year’s resolution advocate. More than that, beyond the New Year, I am a resolution promoter.

I believe that with the right mindset, every second, every day, every Monday, every beginning of the month, every beginning of the quarter, the semester, and each new season are great moments to start something new.

I have been experiencing that feeling of expanding my Comfort Zones for so long now that I cannot stop anymore. And it is with all my enthusiasm that I try to spread a message: it’s always possible to shake up our Comfort Zones. It’s always possible to improve!

People are more open to discussing new projects and goals right now, between the end of December and the beginning of January. This is the time of the year when the resolution season reaches its peak as we approach the New Year. So, I cannot miss the opportunity to grab your attention!

We can start with an ordinary New Year’s resolution list and change our life!

What is the purpose, and what about the motivations, pain points, and behaviors associated with New Year’s resolutions?

It’s probably everything you already know about New Year’s resolutions, but it may support your process!

Drawings by Melinda Walker – One Squiggly Line Visual Thinking

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