20-Day Challenge to find my New Years Resolution list: now, what?

The 20-Day Challenge to find my New Years Resolution list ended. Now, what? What’s next?

2018 was just 20-day away when I decided to start the 20-Day Challenge to find my New Years Resolution list. I am a New Years Resolution person. I like making plans. I know that there are at least two different sides here. The “I don’t make plans as I can’t keep them” and the “I make plans every year even though I can’t achieve all of the intentions.”

I regularly work on “Resolutions,” most of the time, twice a year. December-January is a must, we all know that, but also August-September is critical. In September school starts again after the summer break, and it doesn’t matter if I am not exactly in the right age (and I am not a professor either), I still have that feeling of expectations, opportunities, and excitement. The perfect moment to think and plan for “The last Quarter Resolutions.” September is also a good month to check-in the status of our “New Years Resolution”. It’s 8-month after January, and we can still recover a few things we planned in January. September plan is a way to avoid giving up and run until the December finish line.

But let’s go back to where we are now: the beginning of the year – January – the time of the year when everything seems possible. The “climate of possibility” is energizing and I firmly believe we have to embrace it and plan. Plan for the year but also plan for the everyday.

In the why, how and what behind the 20-Day Challenge to find my New Years Resolution you can discover the why, how and what behind the effort of my last twenty days. Now what? What’s next?

First, I want to thank you, everybody, for the active contribution to the challenge. I got so much inspiration and strength from all the comments, messages, chats you shared. Wow, thank you very much! I already achieved one significant goal: find the courage to share a bit more about me “right now” avoiding any sophistication, procrastination, and doubts about the quality of what I do. As icebreaker exercise the #20DayChallenge was perfect!

I’ve always invested in my personal and professional growth. I’ve always invested in shaping and expanding my Comfort Zone. Life in the US provided me with the right consciousness and the motivation to share my adventure and (hopefully) to inspire other to Shake-Up their Comfort Zone. Together we can motivate each other to Shake Things Up and shape our Comfort Zone.

Second, let me tell you something: I don’t have my plan ready yet. I have the list I shared on Instagram and Facebook with ideas, intentions, and positive attitudes. I still miss a few essential purposes I am going to share in the next days and, I still miss one vital element: projects. Small projects or big ones, it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to have them.

What’s next?

So here is the what’s next. I will use the next couple of weeks to bring to the table what is still missing, and I will make a plan. We will call it the #20DayChallengePRO. We started for fun, let’s continue like a PRO! I don’t want just a list of things is cool to have in a New Years Resolution list! I want to have a plan.

My mind goes back to my early days at work when my manager (ciao Marco!) taught me the meaning of three simple concepts I use a lot at work and in my life: Goal, Strategy, and Tactics. That moment is still impressed in my mind. It’s time to use the approach not only for marketing purpose but also to help Shake-Up the Comfort Zone.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash