Let’s change the conversation about Comfort Zone

Life begins inside the Comfort Zone

I didn’t choose the name of the blog – Comfort Zone Shake-Up – to change the conversation about Comfort Zone; this is something I naturally realized along the way. What I liked was the vibe coming from pairing Comfort Zone, an inspiring topic with a significant lack of awareness, with Shake-Up, a powerful and energetic expression close to my personality.

I shared my thoughts in articles like: How Barbie is stepping out of the Comfort Zone, Running as a way to step out my Comfort Zone, What motivates us to get out of our Comfort Zone at work or Inside out the Comfort Zone. You can still find them in their original version – the 1.0 version of my blog – as they represent an important part of my journey. A quest in trying to find my way or I can say my why as Simon Sinek would say (more to come on this soon, meanwhile, I highly recommend his TED Talk, Start with why).

Then, something changed. For a few months, I stopped writing and working on my blog. I needed to take a break. I stepped away from what I did until that moment to see things more clearly and redefine the why.

My personal life has been busy. I’m an active person, and I found myself involved in new experiences: A LOT of new experiences. I run the New York City Marathon, I’ve started teaching Marketing and Digital Marketing for the Latam Business School, and I changed job. Everything happened in less than a month and what I experienced challenged my stamina and helped me find a renewed energy simultaneously.

I have been investing all this energy to create Comfort Zone Shake-Up 2.0. The blog has now a clear mission: to help change the conversation around Comfort Zone and more precisely, to shake-up the traditional concept of Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone is the metaphor I chose; it is the common thread I will use to increase the awareness around the need for change. The world is changing fast, and we can’t allow ourselves to be left behind.

I believe that to understand the mechanisms underneath beliefs, behaviors, and habits and our lives, we must first understand what the Comfort Zone is all about and use it as a metaphor. Except for the quote, Life begins at the end of the Comfort Zone, and the image of Comfort Zone and where the magic happens in two distant circles (and no instruction on how to reach where the magic happen circle), the general understanding of the Comfort Zone concept is surprisingly narrow. It doesn’t sound like good choice… but I like the challenge and I see a clear path forward.

I can build on the famous quotation and say I believe that life begins inside our Comfort Zone and that it’s time to understand what Comfort Zone truly means, and then act to shape our lives! Defining the Comfort Zone, as I did in my first 2.0 article What is the Comfort Zone, is just the warm-up.

I perceive the traditional meaning of Comfort Zone as being like the concept of status quo. In Latin, status quo describes the existing state, the current state of things with a slightly negative connotation. When people want to maintain the status quo, they are often resistant to progress. I want to challenge the status quo – the traditional concept of Comfort Zone – by shaking things up to enhance our lives.

To change the conversation about Comfort Zone and inspire people (and myself) to take action, never give up, and make things happen, we must disrupt the status quo.

Disrupting the status quo is the Comfort Zone Shake-Up motto I like to articulate in three main points:

1 – Stop thinking about the Comfort Zone as the status quo. Start assuming the Comfort Zone is fluid.

Fluid describes, “A person, thing or situation that moves or changes easily.” I think the Comfort Zone is fluid and we all have the ability – and I would say the responsibility – to mold it every day and in every situation.

2 – Stop looking for a bridge to reach where the magic happens. Start exploring the best way to shape your Comfort Zone.

Each of us has a uniquely personal way to translate the Comfort Zone concept in his or her life based on one’s own experience. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Although such things can be inspiring, we don’t need to climb a mountain, bike around the world or run a marathon to talk about the Comfort Zone.

3 – Stop questioning progress. Start embracing change.

Never stop learning. Value curiosity and creativity. Life is fluid; we can design it. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years determine our lives, and I believe we must have an always-on consciousness with regards to how we invest our time.

Life begins inside the Comfort Zone.

Our lives start, we receive an education, we learn. We experience the world in many ways and we develop habits. If we use our curiosity to fuel this system, we can design our Comfort Zone and our lives with the very best inside of it.

Life happens every day, and every situation – in our personal and professional lives – is a matter of Comfort Zone.

Learn, Experience, Change.