Shake-up the traditional concept of Comfort Zone!

I believe in challenging the status quo by shaking things up to shape our lives.

I have a straightforward and compelling mission: I want to change the conversation about Comfort Zone and inspire people (and myself) to take action, never give up, and make things happen.


I promise that you will never know
what you’re capable of unless you try.

Sheryl Sandberg

You become what you think. Don’t think of yourself as a victim or a failure. Think of yourself as a winner.

Mykelti Williamson

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Hi! I’m Federica. Welcome!

This blog and the overall project behind it occupies a special place in my heart. It’s been awhile since I started feeling the need to stake out a digital space wherein I can be myself: a platform to express my philosophy, core values and personal beliefs, concepts such as diversity, curiosity, and change.


Life begins inside the Comfort Zone.
Learn, Experience, Change.



What is the Comfort Zone? Defining the Comfort Zone

From the moment I started sharing the idea behind this blog, I realized that the concept of Comfort Zone – its essence in everyone’s life – has an unbelievably limited awareness.


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There are three sorts of people in the world. Those who are immovable. People who don’t get it or that don’t want to do anything about it. There are people who are movable. People who see the need for change and are prepared to listen to it. And there are people who move.
– Benjamin Franklin –