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#20DayChallenge | Re-discover your passions.

Happy Monday! The best way to start the week is to focus on something we used to love. In my New Years Resolution list for 2018, I want to find time for my passions. And I will always have one as a top of mind: ballet. I studied ballet for twenty years and even though I did not practice in a few years, my bet is to take classes “next” year.

I don’t know if you are familiar with ballet, I can tell you that the value of what I learned is going beyond single movement, it’s discipline, dedication, passion, musicality, design thinking (what is a choreography after all!). Every time I hear a piano playing, my mind is going to a place without dimension in which I am happy and I can be myself.

My wish for everybody is to re-discover a passion that can fuel this coming 2018!

Photo by Adam Littman Davis on Unsplash