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20DayChallengePRO | Planning

I have the list. I have the buckets. I have the hierarchy. It’s time to plan! Let’s align the expectations first. Even though I moved from a long list to a few buckets, I still have several different groups. Five groups, to be precise.

What can I do? How should I start? I want a plan that lasts and not just a week or two of super dedication.

Here is my thing. First, I want to have in mind the hierarchy of my groups and what it’s inside o each group in term of activities and ideas. Second, I look at the full year, and this is what it’s usually helping me. The New Years Resolution is trending between December and January but “a year” is 12-month long.

I can divide the year into two six months, in four quarters, and of course in twelve months. If I like I can even look at the year in term of four seasons. For me, it is essential to have this high-level view. It is also necessary to be eager to conquer every single day.

By the way, there is no need to rush to a January or February finish line. The finish line of my plan is December 2018. So I want to start the planning phase by thinking of this concept of time: high level (semesters, quarters, months,) and day by day.

What else to say? I am making progress 😉