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Project Description

#20DayChallenge | Keep going, keep running.

Re-discover our passions is a good starting point but we have to go beyond that, we have to keep going, keep growing. We have to discover new passions and practice, practice, practice. This is what running represents for me.

I started running three years ago, it was January 2015 and my longest distance at the time was 2-mile. In two years I run seven half marathon and the New York City Marathon. I am not fast, I struggle (oh you can’t imagine how much) and I enjoy every single step.

Running is an example of how to bring to life the concept of shaping the Comfort Zone. When you run 3-mile, running 5-mile is a challenge. When you run 5-mile a 10K is a challenge. You keep going, keep running, and running, and running. And you run the New York Marathon.

I got injured and I did not run this year (this is also an example of what c happen when you are shaping your Comfort Zone and it’s fine). In my New Years Resolution list I already have a special place for running. The #UnitedNYCHalf is the waiting for me!

Photo by Colin Rex on Unsplash