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20#DayChallengePRO | Commitment

Positive attitude.

The fourth pillar of my New Years Resolution plan is related to my identity and I called it: Commitment.

It includes two intentions I listed in the #20DayChallenge:

#20DayChallenge | Keep your heritage alive
#20DayChallenge | Learn a new language

From the moment I came to the US almost four years ago, I invested quite an effort in understanding different cultures, meeting people outside the Italian community, practicing the language, expanding my Comfort Zone.

I do not regret all of that, but thanks to people I met in the last few months, I’ve started to re-think my relationship with my Italian heritage. I am proud to be Italian, of course, I am! And I realized that perhaps in the effort of learning the new environment, I lost part of my authenticity.

Even though it is impossible to hide my Italianness – people can recognize that I am from Italy usually as soon as I am saying the “H” of Hello – not to mention the style of my hair or how I dress – I did not honestly express it.

My heritage is my identity, and in my New Years Resolution, I will have all my commitment to bring it to life.

At the same time, I have another commitment I can’t deny: continue my journey to improve my English. It is not at the level it should be, I am not proud of it, it has been a challenge since ever!

What else to say if not, Federica go, go, go with a plan. Make it happen!

If you want to know more about the buckets of my New Years Resolution plan, check my latest article “How to move from a New Years Resolution list to a plan.”

We started for fun, let’s continue like a PRO and Shake-Up the Comfort Zone!

Photo by akin cakiner on Unsplash