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Welcome to Comfort Zone shake-up!

This blog, and the overall project behind it, has a special place in my heart. It is a personal journey that I hope will bring you and me beyond the various “inspirational quotes” you can find everywhere about the Comfort Zone.

The starting point

I want to change the conversation regarding the traditional concept of Comfort Zone. I believe that life begins inside the Comfort Zone. It’s time to understand what Comfort Zone truly means, and then act to shape our lives!

Along the way

We will encounter people with different stories, beliefs, and theories; unusual situations, compelling metaphors, advanced research, unconventional interviews, and various books—combined with a touch of personal and professional life experience.

I will describe in greater detail why I’m so passionate about this project, how I believe we can all make a difference in our daily lives, and what we can do to promote the Comfort Zone Shake-Up motto in everything we do. This blog will focus on some of my core values: diversity, curiosity, and change.

The starting point is clear-cut, and so is the way forward. Life is not a race and I’m not looking toward the finish line. The adventure itself will be worth the time, dedication and commitment.

Let’s enjoy our journey!

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