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About Me

Hi! I’m Federica. Welcome to Comfort Zone shake-up! This blog and the overall project behind it occupies a special place in my heart. Much of what you’ll read on this page you’ll have already seen elsewhere in my blog, but I consider it worth repeating; especially in the About Me section, where I’m supposed to talk a little about myself.

Although I know that the visible part of this project is still somewhat limited – what I’ve written so far represents only a tiny fraction of what’s on my mind – what truly fuels me is all right here, and I’m feeling ready to bring this project to life.

As I’ve also stated: this blog represents an ongoing journey made up of stories, unusual situations, beliefs, ideas and theories, compelling metaphors, advanced research, unconventional interviews, various books all combined with a touch of personal experience. The truth is, there will be more than just a subtle hint of me running throughout this blog, and that’s what makes it so personally challenging!

We live in a digital and social media era. Everybody assumes to know everything about everyone else, all the time. Although I’m a technology early adopter – I believe in the power of a digitally connected life – and I’ve started using social media early on, here, within the pages of this blog, is where you’ll find my honest, unfiltered and overriding point of view.

It’s been awhile since I started feeling the need to stake out a digital space wherein I can be myself: a platform to express my philosophy, core values and personal beliefs, and a chance to discuss ideas that I consider important – concepts such as diversity, curiosity, and change.

My blogging journey started with a personal domain under my nickname Ranoplan. It was intended as a platform to share my point of view on life and marketing (my business life). This first effort, however, did not allow me to create an identity that “felt right”. I did not have the right why.

The project evolved into this idea of shaking up the Comfort Zone only a couple of years ago after I moved to the US. Even though it was the perfect dream-comes-true situation, the 8-hour flight from Milan to New York brought me far out of my Comfort Zone. It was my “eureka moment”. The intensity of that feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, but I soon realized that this is totally who I am. Looking back upon my life, I see that it’s been one of constant trial and error, of always attempting to reshape my Comfort Zone.

I finally found the lens I was looking for to share my view on life and marketing: by shaking up the traditional approach on Comfort Zone!

welcome to my Blog!