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Shake the current concept of Comfort Zone Up!

Life begins inside the Comfort Zone.

It’s time to understand what Comfort Zone truly means, and then act to shape our lives!

Comfort Zone Shake-Up!

Except for the quote Life begins at the end of the Comfort Zone, the general understanding of the Comfort Zone concept is surprisingly narrow. This is our starting point.

Defining the Comfort Zone

Let’s Shake Things Up!

Stop thinking about the Comfort Zone as the status quo.

Start assuming the Comfort Zone is fluid.

Stop looking for a bridge to reach where the magic happens.

Start exploring the best way to shape your Comfort Zone.

Stop questioning progress.

Start embracing change.

Shake Things Up!

When you know more, you can do more. Curiosity is a state of mind. More specifically, it’s the state of having an open mind. Curiosity is a kind of receptivity. And best of all, there is no trick to curiosity. You just have to ask one good question a day, and listen to the answer. Curiosity is a more exciting way to live in the world. It is, truly, the secret to living a bigger life.
A Curious Mind | Brian Grazer